Price calculator


First a note on the dimensions

Naturally you immediately want to start to calculate how many badges you can buy with your budget, but before using our price list or price calculator, we need to know the dimensions of your badge.

These can be calculated as follows:

Height of your badge in centimetres + width in centimetres = dimensions of your badge

Let us clarify this with an example:

If your badge is 3 cm wide and 7 centimetres high, then the total dimension is 10 centimetres. You can then find the price per item in the first of dimensions 'up to 12 cm'. If you want to buy 30 badges, you pay just €94,50 euro (30 x 3,15 euro) incl. VAT.

Ready to calculate?

You can of course always contact us for a customised price offer for your project, but you can also simply calculate the price yourself. At iBadge we have developed an extremely easy and transparent price system.

Our standard prices below apply for designs with maximum eight colours.

Buying patches with a standard finish (classic sew-on emblems):

Quantity →
Size ↴
50 to 99 pcs.100 to 149 pcs.150 to 199 pcs.200 to 249 pcs.250 to 499 pcs.500 to 999 pcs.1000 to 1999 pcs.
up to 3,1 inch2,201,621,421,150,960,810,68
up to 5,1 inch2,601,801,541,251,100,970,85
up to 5,9 inch3,332,272,001,711,491,251,14
up to 7,1 inch3,992,922,431,961,781,481,27
up to 8,3 inch4,663,633,052,482,382,011,63
up to 9,1 inch5,174,033,382,752,442,061,67
up to 9,8 inch5,864,443,843,112,502,111,69
up to 11 inch7,856,125,154,162,962,492,14
up to 11,8 inch9,697,566,355,143,402,872,50
up to 13 inch11,458,937,496,073,983,352,93

Attention: because of accounting reasons, our basis prices are VAT excluded. This means that your total price VAT included can be different from the total price that you calculate based on the price list. There can be a slight difference in plus or minus as a result of the completion.

Small order

Up to 33 cm format there is a minimum order of 30 items. Need fewer badges? Ordering 30 is still more interesting, as all expenses are already included in the price.

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Big order

Need more than 5,000 badges? It’s then best to contact us so we can give you an adapted price offer with volume discount.

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Free samples

Download our 9 essential tips for your perfect badge design!

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Now just choose the finish

Design ready? Dimensions checked and the price is fine? You then still need to choose the finish of your embroidered patch. There are a variety of options. It’s up to you how you will attach the patch to your clothing.

Classic sew-ons with standard finish

The classic sew-on has a plastic back that gives your patch the necessary shape retention and sturdiness. This type of patch can simply be sewn onto your clothing.


Without plastic reinforcement layer at the back. Please take into account the loose ends of string at the back and a slightly reduced shape retention compared to our standard finish. But since your patch will be stitched on, this is no issue and you help the environment!

Iron-on patch with layer of glue

With pressure and a high temperature you can attach iron on patches to textile. To do this, press  the patch with a pressure of 4 bars for 20 seconds at a temperature of approximately 160°C so the layer of glue can melt in with the underlying surface. You can attach the patch with an iron on the highest setting and without the steam function for at least 20 seconds onto the emblem with as much downward pressure as possible. Repeat this until the patch and all edges are stuck down properly.

Does your badge not stick properly?

Repeat the ironing instructions but now on the other side of your item of clothing.

The heat of your iron or press then doesn’t have to pass through the thickness of your badge.

You will also notice this heat advantage in 100% embroidered emblems.


  • To prevent damage, check the washing instructions of your clothing to see if it can withstand high temperatures!
  • Read our washing instructions before putting your outfit with iron-on patch into the washing machine.
  • How well the patch will suture also depends on the type of fabric you glue the patch onto.
  • Pressing the iron-on patch first and then sewing the edges is a good idea.
  • Sewing on your patch always gives the nicest result and the best suturing in the long run.

Velcro patches

We stitch the hard Velcro back with hooks to your Velcro patch. You only have to sew the soft Velcro strip onto your clothing and can then switch patches or name patches to your heart’s content. Handy isn’t it?

Luxury patches with metal thread

Extra bling? You can also have a badge embroidered with shiny metal thread. You’ve probably seen this option on military badges that are often partially finished with silver or gold coloured thread. To embroider the metal thread in the design, our embroidery machines do have to work a lot slower than usual, which is why there is a 20% surcharge for this metal thread option. Not cheap, but it does give your embroidered badge extra prestige!

How much does the finish cost?

Good news. Even if you choose another finish than the standard sew-ons, you can calculate the price quickly and easily. For this you simply need to add the rates below to the badge price. Per item and not per order.

Quantity →
Size ↴
Quantity →
Size ↴
up to 3,1 inch0,11
up to 5,1 inch0,11
up to 5,9 inch0,16
up to 7,1 inch0,21
up to 8,3 inch0,31
up to 9,1 inch0,31
up to 9,8 inch0,34
up to 11 inch0,36
up to 11,8 inch0,42
up to 13 inch0,42
Quantity →
Size ↴
up to 3,9 inch0,29
up to 5,1 inch0,34
up to 5,9 inch0,40
up to 7,1 inch0,57
up to 8,3 inch0,71
up to 9,1 inch0,79
up to 9,8 inch0,76
up to 11 inch0,92
up to 11,8 inch0,98
up to 13 inch1,00
Metal wire
Quantity →
Size ↴
Quantity →
Size ↴

What about laundry instructions?

With these three tips you keep your clothing and badges tiptop:

  1. Wash and iron your clothing inside out.
  2. Abrasive detergents and fabric conditioners are a no go!
  3. Embroidered patches and driers aren’t a good match!