Ordering embroidered patches online- Easy!

Do you want to order embroidered patches which you yourself have designed for your youth movement, club, company, or team? With iBadge you can do this quickly, easily, safely, and online. The online order system takes you smoothly through the order process and our embroidery specialists are available to answer all your questions.

This page covers questions which we receive most often. Before contacting us, please check to see whether or not we have already answered your question below. That saves us time, which we can invest in our production processes and speedy deliveries.

Designing your own badge and choosing finish options

How do I start with the design of embroidered emblems?

Start by downloading our nine practical design tips for ‘the perfect badge’.

How many and which colours do I use?

Use all the colours of the rainbow, but limit yourself to a maximum of eight per design.

Tip: Less is more and contrasting colours make your badge stand out better.

You can also include pantone colour codes with your order. Unfortunately, not all pantone numbers are available in embroidery threads, but we will do our best to meet your colour indication.

Note: The end result can always differ a little from the image on your screen because colours are displayed differently on each computer screen.

How do you know wether my design is technically feasible?

You can always send your design and the accompanying sizes by e-mail to info@ibadge.com. Our embroidery specialists will be happy to consider the technical feasibility for you and share specific tips to refine your badge design.

Tip: A good start is half the job. First of all, download our free tips to design the perfect patch.

How do I know what my design will look like as a badge?

You already have a design, but you aren’t sure if it would be a good badge? Select our digital proof option. We will send you an e-mail with an embroidered example of your emblem for the set price of €20. You have nothing to lose because that digital photo scan only costs you €20, but we will deduct that amount in full if you actually place an order.

Do you prefer a felt background?

As a specialist in badges, we obviously have to include felt. This is usually possible at no extra cost. Enter your wishes explicitly in the specifications section during the order process.

Do you prefer a thick hemmed or American border around your badge?

No request is too crazy or too challenging for a specialist badge maker like iBadge. We finish our emblems with a laser-cut border as standard. For emblems with a basic shape (e.g. circle or rectangle) you can, if necessary and at no extra cost, deviate from that and opt for a thicker locked border. Please state such specific preferences clearly in the ‘specifications’ section when you place your order. You can see some examples on this Pinterest board.

What is the “metal thread” option?

If you opt for this luxury finishing, we work out some parts of your design in a golden or silver coloured metal thread. The extra cost for this option is 20% on top of the standard price. Have a look at some inspiring iBadge specimens on Pinterest to discover why you want to order patches with this metal thread option.

Why choose the ‘“eco-friendly” option?

Are you going to sew your embroidery emblems onto your clothing? If so, the standard finish with a layer of plastic reinforcement at the rear of the patch is not a must. The loose threads are eradicated between the badge and your outfit. This is more ecological as well!

How can I fasten embroidered patches to my clothing?

With iBadge you have various fastening options to attach your own designed embroidered emblems to your clothing:

  1. Standard finish (free)
    The classic patch has a standard plastic rear which gives your patch the necessary shape retention and strength. You simply sew this type of badge to your clothing.
  2. Eco-friendly patches (free)
    This has no plastic reinforcement at the rear.
  3. Press-on badge with adhesive
    Pressure (min. 4 bars) and high temperature (about 160°C) will suffice to melt the adhesive of your badge onto the textile underneath. Press for at least 20 seconds using a classic iron at the highest setting. Without a steam function, of course.
  4. Velcro
    We fasten a hard Velcro tape to the rear of your badge. You only have to sew the soft Velcro side to your clothing. Then you can exchange name tags, logo badges, or patches on your outfit to your heart’s content.
  5. Pin/Needle
    Do you want to show off your badge on various outfits? If so, choose the pin option with which you can fasten your patch to any item of clothing in no time at all.

What are the instructions for press-on badges with adhesive?

With pressure and high temperature you can fasten your press-on badges onto textile. To do that, you press your badge onto the fabric for about 20 seconds with a pressure of 4 bars and a temperature of about 160°C. This will melt the adhesive onto the surface underneath. To avoid damage, check in advance whether or not your clothing can withstand those high temperatures.

You can also use an iron to secure the badge by turning the iron to the highest setting and, without using steam, applying as much as possible downward pressure onto the emblem for at least 20 seconds. You repeat this until all the edges of the patch are firmly in place. Is your badge not sticking firmly enough? Repeat the ironing instructions, but this time along the reverse side of your clothing. The heat of your iron or press doesn’t have to penetrate through the thickness of your badge. You will feel that heat benefit even more with 100% fully embroidered emblems. Note that clothing embellished with pressed-on emblems should not be spin-dried.

How well your badge will stick also depends on the type of fabric onto which you stick it. Obviously, you can also press the iron-on badge first and then sew the edges extra firmly.

Are 3D emblems also possible?

Yes, certainly. Not every design is suitable for use with this technique. Send your design and the accompanying sizes to info@ibadge.com. We will be happy to advise you.

I prefer a woven label. Can you help me?

We can also weave your design, but the minimum order is 250. You can get more information from info@ibadge.com.

Can the emblems stand up to several industrial washes?

Lots of iBadge customers cooperate with industrial laundry companies. As regards colour and shape retention, you don’t need to worry. Our threads and embroidered emblems can withstand high temperatures and several washes. They also stay nice after intensive or long-term use and several washes.

Tip: With frequent washes, the adhesion of the badge to the clothing is the biggest challenge. Stitching is the most durable solution in the long term.

Do you only produce embroidered emblems or are embroidered key rings also possible?

At iBadge, we also make embroidered key rings as well as textile badges. Original and practical gifts for any occasion whatsoever.

What’s possible and what does it all cost? Tell us more about your plans via info@ibadge.com to receive a customised price quotation.

About badge prices, payments, and invoicing

How much do embroidered badges cost?

Various factors (e.g. number of items, volume, and options) determine the price of embroidered emblems.

To get a quick and clear impression of how much your project will cost, you can consult our price chart or use our online price calculator. Our calculator calculates the price instantly for you.
Please note that for countries outside the C.E we don't charge VAT, neither for companies nor for private persons!

One thing’s for sure: At iBadge you never get unpleasant surprises. We are well known for our transparent prices, clear agreements, and personal service and we do everything to maintain that reputation.

Do the online badge prices include VAT?

Our online price calculator gives prices which include 21% VAT. Those VAT amounts are listed clearly and separately in the online order process and on our invoices.

Note that for countries outside the C.E we don't charge VAT, neither for companies nor for private persons!

Tip: Indicate under the price chart on the prices page whether you want to see prices with or without VAT.

What are the payment options?

You have a choice. You can order patches online and pay online immediately or you can pay the due amount via bank transfer. Paying online is possible by Bancontact or credit card, iDEAL, or from your own bank account using Apple pay, Belfius, or KBC.

We start on the production as soon as we receive your payment. How long exactly the payment takes can vary from bank to bank.

Do you have an urgent order? Don’t hesitate to send us your proof of payment by e-mail so that we can start work at once.

Do you need supplier information for a purchase order and an invoice?

iBadge is a trade name of the private limited company Wood & Stitch bv. You can enter our name as a supplier and the details below in your system to draw up a purchase order. You will recognise the same corporate information on your bank statement and purchase invoice.

Wood & Stitch bv
Meerbos 18
9260 Wichelen

VAT/Company number: BE0788997604.

IBAN: BE11 6451 0909 7248

Ordering embroidered patches & account information

Are you ordering patches for the first time? This is how you start.

You can order embroidered patches online quickly, easily, and safely via the order page. Our order module with integrated checklist takes you through the order process step by step. You can contact us by telephone or e-mail for pressing questions in the meantime.

Tip: Be sure to add thanks@ibadge.com to your list of safe senders because we use that e-mail address to confirm your order.


Which digital file formats can I supply?


You can supply corporate logos or badge designs in .jpg or .png format - common formats with just about all design programmes. To help us produce your badge in the best possible quality, we like to receive digital files in the highest possible resolution with at least 200 x 200 pixels and no more than 1MB or 4,000 x 4,000 pixels.

Is your corporate logo only available in other formats or file extensions? Send your file by e-mail to info@ibadge.com. We’re happy to try to convert it for you.

I didn’t receive an e-mail confirmation after my online order.

We confirm each online order via e-mail within 48 hours. And so, you should check to make sure that you did complete the entire order process and/or that our confirmation mail did not end up by accident in your unwanted e-mails. It is best to add thanks@ibadge.com to your list of safe senders for your future orders.

Did you not find an e-mail from us? In that case, something went wrong. Please let us know via info@ibadge.com so that we can carry out the necessary checks.

How and why should I create an account?

Creating an account is easy. Once you have entered your personal details during the online order process, you tick ‘I want to create a new account’. You then choose, enter, and confirm a password and that’s it.

Do you want to order more badges or order a new load of patches? If you log on first, you don’t need to enter all your details again. Moreover, you can also follow up and view previous orders via your account.

Do you want to amend your account and/or log-on?

Obviously, you can amend your account information or a log-on as you wish. However, we don’t want to take any risks with current orders. And so, please send an e-mail to info@ibadge.com? Tell us what you want to amend and David will do the necessary.

Shipment and delivery options

When will the badges arrive?

Obviously, you can’t wait for your personalised badges to arrive so that you can admire and distribute them. The sooner your patches arrive, the better! You are guaranteed rapid delivery times because you’re ordering from a specialist badge maker and a Belgian company.

Have a look at our home page because that will give you the actual shipment date if you order today. You can count on that date because we update it regularly in line with the expected level of orders. Reckon on a maximum turnaround time of three weeks.

Are faster express deliveries possible?

At iBadge we make every effort to deliver as quickly as possible. Since we have our own production department, we can make minor changes to the timetable now and again. However, remember that we produce tailored work and that takes time. You can always ask. Send us an e-mail and we will see what is possible for urgent orders. In consultation with you, we will look for the most budget-friendly solution.

What are the shipment costs?

The standard shipment cost for deliveries in Belgium and the Netherlands via Bpost is €6.95, regardless of the size of your package. We charge €25.00 for shipment to most other countries. These prices include 21% VAT.

You can easily find out the shipment costs for your order via our online price calculator.

Can you send an order to a different address, abroad, or to a camp site?

During the order process, you can fill in an invoicing address and a delivery address yourself and those addresses can be different.

We can also deliver your camp badges to the camp site. In that case, be sure to state very clearly the dates on which you are at that address. Enter that information in the ‘specifications’ section.

If you enter a delivery address abroad, the online order system will calculate the shipment costs for you automatically.

Is there a tracking code?

You can follow the adventures of your package via the Track & Trace link which we send you by e-mail. Be sure to put our e-mail addresses on your list of safe senders so that you don’t miss any updates.

How do you send my package?

We entrust all shipments to Belgium or the Netherlands to the Bpost package delivery service. You can expect to receive your package within one to three days after the shipment date. We send international shipments with DHL. You will receive an e-mail as soon as your package leaves our warehouse, so that you can monitor closely the travel adventures of your embroidered emblems.

How can I amend or cancel an order?

We can still intervene if your order is not yet in production. And so, send us an e-mail via info@ibadge.com within 24 hours with your request for an amendment or cancellation. Be sure to quote your order number. We will contact you as soon as possible and consider together what is possible.

Can I place more than one order at the same time?

Since we supply tailored work, each design and each produced item are unique. And so, you have to upload each badge design separately and go through the online order process for each order.

Tip: Create an account at your first order. This means you only have to enter your details once and you can complete subsequent orders very quickly.

May we send several orders to the same address? Contact us by e-mail, depending on the country of shipment, we will give you a code so that you only pay postage once.

iBadge actions, quality guarantees, and support

Can you give any discounts?

Do you want to order more patches than the maximum numbers given in our price chart? If so, we will be happy to work out a tailored price quotation for you. You can be sure that with iBadge you will always get a fair and budget-friendly price. Indeed, you purchase your badges directly at source, without any intermediaries, and with a specialist badge maker.

We don’t believe in sophisticated discount formulas or temporary actions, but we do advocate transparent prices which are always clear to everyone. The more badges you order, the lower the unit price.

It’s certainly worth following iBadge on Instagram. We announce attractive competitions regularly via those forums to enable you to make savings.

What happens to personal data?

At iBadge we respect everyone’s privacy. The data which we receive from you is needed solely for processing orders correctly. We never pass on your personal data to others. Our privacy policy explains how carefully we handle sensitive data.

Where do I find your General Terms and Conditions?

You will find the General Terms and Conditions at the very bottom of our web pages in the footnote or you can click on this link to the General Terms and Conditions. You can also always send an e-mail to info@ibadge.com if you prefer to receive a PDF file via e-mail.

Ask us your questions!

Do you have any other questions or special requests in mind? Don’t hesitate to contact David@, Marlies or Emma. They will consider all your questions and answer them with a smile!